D301- Quick Steel Syringe


D301- Quick Steel Syringe

Product Code: D301- Quick Steel Syringe
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D301 QUICK STEEL EPOXY ADHESIVE is a 1:1 two component adhesive which cures rapidly at room temperature after mixing. It is a metal bonding adhesive which develops high mechanical strength in a short period of time. The product hardens in 5 minutes with high bond strength and good chemical resistance.

Permanently bonding on a wide variety of metallic substrates such as :- all steels, aluminium, copper, brass, alloys, titanium etc. D301 Quick Steel will also bond metals to other dissimilar substrates such as wood, stone, glass, plastics and ceramics. It can be used externally and in extreme environments due to its excellent chemical and environmental resistance.

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25ml (display pack)

Color: Metal
Set Time: 5 minutes (temperature dependent)
Temp Range: Up to 120C

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