Support Systems


Support Systems

Support Systems


Flow Meters  - Flow Guardian Seal Monitors

Flow Guardian Flow Meters was designed specifically to supply the pump population with regulated seal flush water. There’s a reduction of costly seal failures because of the use of reliable Flow Guardian assisting in plant water initiatives. Operational efficiency is maximized with the improvements in these areas.


Closed Loop Water System  - Water System for Water Savings

Closed Loop Water System eliminates the need for a flow through supply while also delivering the essentials for dual seal operation. In all dual seals, they have an internal pumping ring which circulates inside. Any loss of barrier fluid is compensated automatically and is maintenance free. There’s not a need for manual filling or regular checks as the system has all required fittings, controls and is ready to be installed.


Intelli-flow - T30 Intelli-flow Water Saver

Intelli-Flow Water saver is dual mechanical seals’ ultimate flow controller. When it’s necessary to keep the seal running cool, the thermally activated valve automatically drains hot barrier. Over 90% water savings is achieved with intelliflow in comparison to common open dual seal water supply that’s found in industry.

Support Tank  - Support Tanks for Dual Seals.

Mechanical Seal support systems are the key to prolonging the life of dual, liquid lubricated mechanical seals. Mechanical seal performances will be enhanced due to dedicated lubricated system provided within it. Seal performances can still be comprised by lower efficient system but won’t perform as effectively. Versatility was the key when this high-capacity support tank was designed. 50% more liquid volume is provided by this three gallon tank in comparison to general conventional tanks. Leakage rates are reduced due to the lower operating temperatures, giving it greater reliability. One tank can comply with a vast
variety of applications, reliably.


ISS - Inflatable Safety Seal

The Chesterton Inflatable Safety Seal is a static shaft sealant device. The mechanical seal is used in synch with pneumatic inflatable bladder assembly. The seal is bolted    to the process equipment straight after the ISS plate firmly affixes it. If there was any possible seal leakage, the ISS plate is there to prevent it. Security and flexibility are proven to any sealing application from the robust system.

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