Mixer Seals


Mixer Seals

Mixer Seals

442M - Mixer Split Seal

442M Split Mixer Seal falls under the Chesterton’s split seal technology- the largest installed base globally. Plant efficiencies are increased due to Chesterton’s superior experience in split sealing. Split seals are gradually becoming more and more popular due to it’s performance on all kinds of materials.

280M - Mixer Cartridge Dual Seal

280M Mixer Seals is designed to give high reliability at all time, even in the most demanding conditions. 280 is very similar to mixers, vertical turbine pumps and other rotating equipment due to the motion tolerant dual seals withstanding run-out and end-play. Conditions of drag and shear (that ruin most common seals) are what the vibration isolated faces thrive off.

4410 - Slow Speed Gas Cartridge Dual Seal

4410 Mixer Seal is a superb seal for Process pumps because it’s advanced technology. It has an easy installation process just like a standard cartridge seal because it has a self-contained in gland control system. Start the pump once you’ve piped the gas into the gland inlet.

HVS - High Viscosity Cartridge Seal

HVS Mixer Seal is the ideal seal for surpassing the performance of general conventional seals. HVS uses a polymer sealing element which offers a strong resistance against the tendency of the force and frictional heat, unlike most standard face seals. This works best in dry run and viscous environments. High reliability in an easy to use design are provided by triple contact surfaces moulded into the single piece sealing element.

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