Slurry Seals


Slurry Seals

Slurry Seals

156 - Slurry Cartridge Singe Seal

156 Slurry Seal has a design especially made for a high level shaft motion for a wide range of slurries. With the externally mounted finger springs the 156 has taken away the problem of springs clogging.


170 - Slurry Cartridge Single Seal

170 Slurry Seal is designed to reduce high costing external seal flushes as it’s designed purposely for serve slurry environments. Increased production rates and reduced product dilution are achieved by the 170 seal- it also meets environmental concerns. The springs that are externally mounted takes away any spring clogging problems.

ZF - Zero Flush Seal

ZF Slurry Flush Seal is the newest Seal to be introduced to the Pulp and Paper industry. It can seal tough applications in paper machine, stock transfer and stock preparation making it the best quality seal in its long line of innovations.

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