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Packings and Gaskets

Rotating Equipment Sealing


329 Stern-Lon Flax for Marine Industry

Chesterton 329 is a formable packing originating from its square plait braided shape. To avoid any sudden and dramatic corrosion, it’s a graphite free packing. It was first saturated with concentrated PTFE dispersion to encourage non-flowing lubricity and to hold back the process of degrading. A plasticizing ‘Break-in’ lubricant is incorporated to give compressibility, flexibility and good packing-to-shaft contact. To prevent friction, a finely divided fluorocarbon powder is fixed into the surface of the packing.



370 - High temperature, carbon yarn

Chesterton 370 is produced from a high quality carbon yearn. Particles of pure graphite, high-temperature oils and molybdenum are all incorporated to act as blocking agents for 370. To gate high temperature capability in a non-oxidizing environment, this means that the carbon yarn is a low-friction.



412-W - White, synthetic composite yarn

Chesterton 412-W joins a formulated break-in lubricant with a newly existing synthetic composite yarn. Tensile strength is 10 times better than typical packing fibres when it’s provided with constant filament centres. Chesterton 412-W can absorb twice the PTFE ‘blocking agents’ of conventional packing when it’s incorporated with fibrous covering. 412-W maintains density because the migration of blocking agents is prevented by Chesterton interbraid construction. It can also maintain constant lubrication throughout the break-in process.



425 - Food grade, PTFE filament

Chesterton 425 is made with a white oil lubricant and a PTFE filament. You will find it works most effectively when used in valves and in rotating equipment like agitators, blenders & mixers. Chesterton 425 respects the USDA requirements for FDA specification 21 CFR, minimal food contact and 177.1550 Perfluorocarbon resins.



477-1 - Continuous filament carbon yarn

Chesterton 477-1 joins a superior blocking agent with a new yarn formulation. The strength and the flexibility is provided from new low modulus yarn- this causes 477-1 strong yet still easily bent. 477-1 contains a high purity dispersion which prevent being able to make their way through gases and liquids of the packing.



477-1T - Non-contaminating, non-staining carbon yarn.

Chesterton 477-1T is thoroughly saturated with PTFE so that is doesn’t contaminate or stain the tough, yet pliable, carbon yarn packing. It’s use was for the tough applications in the pulp and paper industry. When the PTFE and the carbon yarn combine, it increases the 477-1T chemical resistant properties. It’s a brilliant product for reducing/eliminating flush water from a stuffing box when it’s combined with 1400R in rotating equipment.



1400R - Reinforced braided graphite tape

Chesterton 1400R is an original reinforced braided graphite tape. It forms an equivalent mass under gland pressure so that the packing set will not leak. Extrusion is prevented when by the reinforcement of structural carbon fiber when installed in higher pressures. 1400R is great valve sealing packing.



1725 - Food processing grade, PTFE filament

Chesterton 1725A has a specially designed lubricant that provides a very high standard sealing quality as it’s made with expanded PTFE yarn. It works particularly well in rotating equipment. Maximum strength is ensured by interbraided construction. 1725A is also a packing that complies with the USDA requirements for minimal food contact and FDA specification 21 CFR, 178.3297, 177.2800 and 177.1550.1725A is applicable for use in agitators, pumps and mixers etc.



1727 Multi-Lon - Synthetic, thermo set fibre lubricated with PTFE

1727 is an original Chesterton pump packing, particularly designed for general service applications. Multi-Lon has limitations when it comes to preventing general service use. Unlike many other synthetic yarns, 1727 doesn’t cause extreme scoring, not does it cause electrolytic pitting or have any extrusion problems often associated with PTFE fiber yarns. 



1730 Mill Pack - A synthetic, thermo set, non-staining (white) fibre packing

Chesterton 1730 is a thermoset fiber packing which provides excellent leakage control and uses less power consumption due to the high heat resistance. It has a good reputation of reliability for challenging applications. Unlike most common paper mill packings, the 1730 will not glaze even at high shaft speeds.




1730SC - White, heat resistant, thermo set fibre/silicone rubber core

Chesterton 1730SC is manufactured by combining 1730 with a Silicon rubber core. The rubber core works well to give the packing higher retention giving off vibrations while maintaining outstanding leakage control. It’s particularly designed for the use in general service applications like mixers, blenders and agitators.



1740 - Non- asbestos, Kevlar yarn

Chesterton 1740 uses KEVLAR* yarn and coated thoroughly with PTFE and other lubricants to produce its interbraid packing. In order to dematerialize heat, the yarn has to be covered in lubricant. 1740 offers combined resistance to pressure, temperature, chemicals and wear.



1760 - PTFE yarn lubricated with graphite.

Chesterton 1760 is an original PTFE lubricated yarn packing made with Graphite particles. Chesterton 1761 differentiates from 1760 as it’s a white colour and doesn’t stain. It’s PTFE yarn is lubricated with an original heat conducting compound.



1761 - Non-staining, white, chemical packing

Chesterton 1760 is an original packing combining PTFE yarn with graphite particles. It is continued to be lubricated with a specific Silicon oil for quick break-in. Chesterton 1761 is a stain proof, white version of 1760 which provides 1761 with the heat to disperse the qualities of Graphite packing.



1830 - Expanded graphite PTFE yarn

Chesterton 1830 is a high quality Graphite PTFE packing designed to meet stiff specifications for the use of agitators, mixers and pumps etc. It’s expanded by using the latest technologies, leaving a high-quality filament.




1830-SSP - Slurry packing

Chesterton 1830-SSP is made with a combination of expanding Graphite PTFE yarn and a hybrid yarn. With this combination, it makes very accessible to get to during repack. You will find that 1830-SSP is sold in a wide range of Slurry sealing applications.



DigesterPak - Carbon reinforced PTFE / graphite

Chesterton DisgesterPak is designed specifically for sealing hard equipment. In order to provide it’s excellent resilience, it has a combination of Graphite coated PTFE braided packing and a Carbon reinforcement. This provides a high-quality leakage control and long term sealing. DigesterPak provides a heavy-duty area sealing on both new and old equipment. For more information you can find it under 088146 in the Digester Application Guide. 


Style Two - Lubricated graphite yarn

Chesterton Two Super Graphite packing is treated with a particular high temperature break-in lubricants once it’s been made from pure quality graphite yarn. To get a satisfactory leakage rate, it’s compulsory that the special sacrificial multitemperature lubricants are used to ease break-in. The remaining super-graphite product has the chemical resistance to withstand virtually all chemicals. The packing allows hardly no shaft scoring because the highest conductivity is combined with the automatic self-lubricate.




CMS 2000 - A high purity, fibre reinforced sealant

Chesterton CMS 2000 Maintenance System is made up of high purity, reinforced fibre available in graphite white and food non-staining formulations to create a revolutionary advanced stuffing box, leakage control sealant. It creates a non-leaking, solid composite ring. You can find CMS in either bulk, for initial loading, or in cartridges for final sealing under pressure to avoid any empty spaces. There are two different injection systems, one being the manual injection system were its packed with it’s own equipped gun, a one foot hose, male and female flow-through fittings, a three foot hose and a CMS 2000 volume calculator.


CMS 2000-FP - A high purity, food grade, fibre reinforced sealant

Chesterton CMS 2000-FP is made up of high purity, reinforced fibre available in graphite, white and food non-staining formulations to create a revolutionary advanced stuffing box.



Valve Sealing

401 - Wire reinforced braided yarn

Chesterton 401 is manufactured with wire-reinforced braided yarn which covers a resilient and flexible asbestos-free core. Stem wear and scoring is prevented by the non-asbestos yarn construction encloses the wire reinforcement in the yarn. It works most effective for use in high temperature and high pressure applications.



477-1 - Continuous filament carbon yarn

~~Chesterton 477-1 Carbon Fibre packing is a combination of strong blocking agents and a new yarn formulation. It’s strength is provided by the low modulus yarn which a filament of carbon fibres- giving it a strong yet pliable effect. Included within 477-1 is a high purity dispersion of inorganic platelets to put a stop to any liquids or gases trying to pass through it.



1400R - Reinforced braided graphite tape

~~Chesterton 1400R is a special kind of Graphite tape packing with the carbon yarn reinforcement provided within it. In order for the leakage to not pass through the packing set, 1400R forms a homogeneous mass under gland pressure. Whilst shaft friction is limited, the shaft speeds is higher because the all Carbon/Graphite set holds it in place. Extrusion is prevented when 1400R sets are fitted valves at higher pressures all due to structural Carbon fiber. Not only is it a rotating equipment sealant, it works brilliantly as a valve sealing material.


1600 / 1601 - Reinforced graphite tape.

Chesterton 1600 is a Graphite tape plied into compact strands specially designed to control superior leakage. Each strand is reinforced with An Inconel wire mesh covering which dense but pliable. The outside of the packing is then closely impacted with lubricating agents to prevent pitting from the corrosion inhibitor and reduce the stem agents. 1600 is virtually identical to Chesterton 1601, however the only difference being is 1600 is designed to meet the purity requirements of the Nuclear industry.



1724 / 324 - Non-hardening PTFE yarn

Chesterton 1724/324 is PTFE valve packing made with protective lubricants that cannot be squeezed out due to its original formulation, nor will it harden or deteriorate in a selection of chemical applications. It’s promised to outlive the valve, Chesterton will replace it for FREE! Contact your nearest distributor.



1724E Control Valve Kit - PTFE sealing system for AOV's

Chesterton’s 1724E Control Valve Kits are specifically designed for pneumatically actuated control valves. It’s designed for applications where the stem friction from pure graphite packing is too superior for the valve’s actuator.  All parts needed to repack the valve are included. Included you’ll find: a 1724 5 ring die- formed PTFE packing set, pre-engineered live-load assemblies, a precut carbon spacer and new gland studs and nuts. The valve actuator won’t need to be removed as the packing rings and spacers are cut to allow installation. The live-load assemblies are easily identified because of their outer shape guide and easily installed for use. No torque wrench is required as all you have to do is fit the assembly over the stud and tighten the gland bolt.


5100 - Split carbon sleeve

A Carbon sleeve with a very precise machine split is used specifically as a spacer in valve stuffing boxes. It’s 99% Graphite material provides strong and stable support.




5150 - Live-Load disc springs

Unique designed springs stacked accordingly to adjust the gland to keep continuous optimal sealing pressure.




5300(GTPI) - Die-formed inhibited graphite ring

A self-lubricating, low friction, pure graphite ribbon tape. Use with Style One-CI end rings.




5800 - Low friction, die-formed graphite wedge packing

Chesterton 5800 Wedge Packing are made from high purity graphite, therefore, they’re non-absorbent and non-wicking. To prevent electrolytic pitting, the rings are incorporated with a corrosion inhibitor.  5800 gives an additional benefit of reduced stem friction whilst sealing successfully at elevated system pressures. Five-year guarantee available when using 5150 Live loading alongside it.



5800E - Wedge Seal with carbon yarn end rings

Chesterton 5800E WedgeSeal is specifically designed for the use of high temperatures, fugitive emissions service in friction sensitive valves. WedgeSeal seals to extremely low VOC emissions levels while providing as less friction against the stem as possible- as it’s combining Chesterton’s 5800 pure die-formed Graphite with 477-1 braided carbon yarn end rings. High temperatures don’t affect the Carbon/Graphite base materials because the API 589 fire test ensures the highest safety in hazardous services. More efficient transfer of the gland load to the packing is provided by the original wedge shape of the sealing rings. The biggest feature to this design is reduced stem friction because it still allows the valve actuator to respond to system changes, faster and more precisely.


5800E Control Valve Kit - Sealing system for AOV's

Chesterton 5800E Control Valve Kit combined packing set that gives an effective use of Chesterton’s original wedge shaped, die-formed sealing set along with Chesterton’s 477-1 braided carbon end rings. This packing set has been proven to seal effectively at really low VOC emissions levels. The original style wedge shape of the sealing rings makes the packing set more responsive to gland adjustments as well as giving it a more reliable transfer. The valve will respond better to any changes that may occur because the stem friction is reduced. In order to help prevent electrolytic pitting, passive corrosion inhibitors are saturated within the packing set.
This packing set is specially designed to be used on pneumatically actuated control valves. Included in the kit you will find: a 5800E packing set, pre-engineered live-load assemblies, new gland studs and nuts and a pre-cut carbon spacer. You will have to worry about removing the valve actuator as all packing rings and spacers are cut to allow installation. Because of their unique outer guide shape, you can easily identify the Live-Load assemblies which are easy to install and use too. Contact your Chesterton representative for available kits.                            

5800T - Graphite wedge packing

5800T Graphite Wedge packing is a special low friction, Graphite wedge packing designed for lower temperature applications. It has superior sealability for emissions services due to its PTFE lubricated dynamic surfaces.




5900 - High pressure graphite seal

~~Chesterton 5900 Graphite High Pressure Bonnet Seals are most popular in the power industry as it has improved reliability and tighter leakage of pressure seal joints. These bonnet seals are designed to be used for valves with screwed and bolted bonnets. Also available with metal end caps.




One-CI - Wiper and anti-extrusion ring

One-CI Wiper is a low friction, high density graphite packing. Use with Style 5300 sealing rings.




Valve Sealing Program - Developed for Nuclear and Fossil Plants, Refineries and Chemical Plants

Valve Sealing Program marks emissions and valve leakage based on valve type. See individual products for more details: 5150, One-CI, 5300, 5100, 1600



Flange Sealing
Sheet Gaskets

100 - Red rubber

Chesterton 100 a superior Styrene butadiene rubber sheet designed to stay pliable and have soft surfaces. It’s best suited for hot and cold air and saturated steam duties.




119 - Reinforced rubber

Chesterton 119 is made suitable for light hydraulic service because it’s a Styrene butadiene rubber and high strength. Both sides are protected as the cloth is inserted on the side. It can adapt well in both hot and cold water, ammonia and low pressure steam.



122NN - Reinforced diaphragm sheet

Chesterton 122NN is a high quality black Diaphragm sheet. To achieve the best results, it’s specially designed as a high strength nylon fabric reinforced sheet. It’s best services are applied to the likes of air, oil, water, gas, steam and solvents. 122NN reduces valve actuators or any diaphragm service as it can be used on regulators too.



124 - Oil resistant rubber

Chesterton 124 rubber sheet is made of oil resistant materials and a fortified carbon black compound for gasketing against fatty acids, oils, water, low pressure steam, solvents and non-aromatic petroleum products.



162 - Fibreglass Cloth

Fiberglass Cloth




184 - PTFE

Chesterton 184 has excellent stability as it’s a micro-fibrillated internal structure with virgin PTFE. The original PTFE is turned into a strong, non-distorted gasketing material. 184 provides minimum force tendency requirements which is long lasting and highly reliable. 184 is always soft and pliable to suit worn or uneven services.



195 - Synthetic Fibre

Chesterton 195 is a heavy duty sheet made up of aramid fibres and superior Nitrile binder. Suitable for use in a vast range of flange gasket applications.




198 - Graphite

Chesterton 198 has no fillers or blinders and is a high purity Graphite sheet. It’s an excellent gasket for all environments as it’s made from a corrosion inhibitor. Used only in very high temperatures were metal strengthening can’t be used.



199 - Reinforced Graphite

Chesterton 199 has excellent stability as the packing is a high purity, chemically inactive Graphite sheet a 316 Stainless Steel foil insert. Galvanic attack of flange faces is prevented due to a corrosion inhibitor contained within Chesterton 199. It’s chemical resistance and insignificant characteristics make it an applicable sheet gasket.



345 - Ceramic Packing

Chesterton 345 Braided Ceramic Packing is designed for use in high temperature pressure or damage in boiler, furnace, oven and moulding applications.




359 - Reinforced Graphite

Chesterton 359 is a Graphite sheet reinforced with 304 Stainless Steel foil insert, used for general service purposes. With it’s thermal stability and excellent chemical resistance make this sheet a popular choice for almost all applications.



450 - Synthetic Fibre

Chesterton 450 is a low temperature sheet gasketing material Synthetic Fibre compatible for general purpose uses for up to 390°F. It’s designed for best uses in water, gas, brine and steam applications but for chlorinated hydrocarbons.



455 - Aramid Fibre

Chesterton 455 is an Aramid Fibre and Nitrile Binder made for general services, presenting chemical resistance and excellent sealability. 455 can be used with water, organic alkali, salt solutions, aromatic hydrocarbons and gases up to 575°F.



457 - Carbon Fibre

~~Chesterton 457 is a Carbon Fibre and Nitrile Binder manufactured for a large variety of gasketing needs. 457 is best used in water, steam, hydrocarbon and oil applications.



459 - Reinforced Graphite

Chesterton 459 is specially designed for uses in high temperatures and high pressure flange applications. The nickel foil within it makes Chesterton’s 459 much easier to cut than other reinforced gasket sheets. I can be used up to 1600°F in a non-oxidizing atmosphere as it has excellent chemical resistance.



ECS-B - PTFE Food grade

Chesterton ECS-B Food Grade is a sheet gasket which has been FDA approved. It best suited on chemically aggressive services. It’s particularly recommended for services with solvents, cryogenic products, water, steam hydrocarbons, caustics and strong acids. 




Chesterton ECS-T is a PTFE sheet gasket best suited for high temperature and high pressure purposes, particularly in hydrocarbon & chemical plants.





ECS-W is a PTFE sheet gasket suitable for general service in a wide variety of fluids, strong caustics, acids, chlorine, gases, water, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, aluminum fluoride and steam.



Flange Live Loading

5500 - Flange Bolt Disc Springs

Chesterton 5500 Flange Bolt Disc Springs are made from a specialized Stainless Steel alloy. This particular material is used because the stress corrosion cracking, it still shows the best features.  Pressure surges or thermal expansion and contraction are disposed to leakage. Bolt force is maintained under these conditions as they’re compensated by the disc spring because they’re an elastic mechanical element.



5505H - High strength disc springs

Chesterton’s 5505H are High Strength Flange Springs that are specifically designed to deliver a supply of elastic energy to every individual bolt. During either thermal cycles or normal operation, there is constant load maintained on the flange and gasket. 5505H Flange Springs provide superior improvements in it’s service life and leakage performance.


Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Camprofile - Semi-metallic

Chesterton’s Camprofile Gaskets perform excellent in industrial and emissions applications with virtually no leakage noticeable. Camprofile Gakets are particularly suited to plant standardization based on the wide range of gaskets.



Semi-Metallic - Spiral Wound

Having a solid metal inner and outer ring the sealing element is usually a soft material like Graphite or PTFE. They suit many industrial Flange Sealing duties. 




Steel TrapTM - Metal/Graphite Gasket

Chesterton Steel Trap Metal/Graphite Gasket traps pure Graphite against the flange face as it’s made with concentric, isolated convolutions in sheet stainless steel. The convolutions are flattened more and more as the flange tightens. The graphite is protected against decomposing atmospheres and corrosives, however a highly effective seal is effected against both faces of the flange. Until the Steel Trap Gaskets need to be removed for repair, they will continue to seal effectively and will always remain in place. These seals need virtually no maintenance, therefore, they practically pay for themselves. The same sized gasket can be used in a vast majority of flange pressure classes because of it’s unique design.

Tape Gaskets

160 - Fibreglass Tape

Fiberglass Tape




161 - Twisted Fibreglass Rope

Twisted Fiberglass Rope




165 - Reinforced graphite

Chesterton 165 Ultraseal have advances materials designed tight jointed connections. It’s manufactured with Graphite reinforced with an Inconel* wire mesh and a self-adhesive backing. Chesterton 165 is a Graphite sheet role designed for high temperatures and pressures as well as for fast and easy use



175 - Silicon foam

Chesterton 175 Peel&Seal is a high quality gasket, made from silicone foam gasketing. Lay out the path for the gasket, peel off the adhesive paper backing and apply. This particular adhesive is made especially for bolt tightening.



185 - Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

Chesterton 185 Expanded Form-In-Place Spooled Joint Sealant has brilliant stability because of it’s PTFE with micro-fibrillated internal structure. The PTFE is turned from an ordinary substance to a strong, creep resistant gasket material. 185 is highly reliable and long lasting with very little re-torque requirements. 185 works well under uneven or worn out surfaces because it’s material is soft and pliable. Waste is eliminated from the cut sheet due to the layout complex shaping fast with 185.  The joint sealant is held in place for easy assembly due to the self-adhesive strip.


289 - Fibreglass tape

Fiberglass tape




Lid / Lock - PTFE based seal

Chesterton’s Lid-Lock is a packing especially designed for hatches, tank covers and lids of chemical transport equipment. It’s important to have a sealing product for tank lids in an industry where cargoes that are getting shipped out, change quite often. The Lid-Lock ends with a superior quality PTFE film completely wrapping the rubber core. Chemically resistant polypropylene yarn is then overbraids the core- giving it brilliant compressibility and elasticity. Finally, a tough PTFE filament is used to protect the PTFE film barrier from any damaging.

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