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Technical Products

Technical Products

Cleaners and Degreasers

 218 - HDP

Chesterton 218 is a heavy duty, almost non-foaming, liquid alkali that can adapt to tough degreasing services as when it was designed, it was made to go well with the environment. It can be used on floor scrubbers, steam cleaning equipment, spray booth washers, high pressure washers and tunnel washers.



 235- SSC

Chesterton 235 is a high quality steam cleaning product. It can remove loose paint, heavy soils and oil and grease marks. Used in Concrete and Masonry for general use, papermaking machine for Pulp and Paper use and clothing machinery in the textile industry.




Chesterton 273 can reach up to 240 volts when in use for removing dirt from motors, grease and sludge. It can also be used on electrical equipment such as: fans, blowers, control panels, electric motors, switches, circuit boards and many more.


Chesterton 274 is a hard surface degreaser, particularly used in industrial and marine environments. It can be used on applications such as: machines parts, boiler rooms, paint shops, ship yards, maintenance shops, repair shops, metal parts and dip tanks.


Chesterton 276 is a high performing and fast evaporating degreaser. It’s a purely solvent based product however, doesn’t contain ozone depleting solvents. Can be used on applications in spray cleaning such as: circuit boards, levers, control panels, switches and panel meters. For applications on hard surfacing degreasing it can used on motors, non-energized electrical equipment and part in process.



Chesterton 277 is an industrial strength degreaser with low residue and non-chlorinated. It’s particularly designed to penetrate greases and oils. For general applications it can be used on: hinges, roller bearings, motors, instruments, delicate precision, slides, chain drives and valves.

279 - PCS

Chesterton 279 is a clear cleaning solvent with a slight odor and no ozone depletion. Light oils, fluoropolymers and particulates are removed electronically by state of the art technology. It can used on electronic applications such as: motorized instruments and electrical equipment; it can be used in medical industry on oxygen lines and valves and medical devices and for general use you can use them on delicate instrumentation and gyroscopes.



Chesterton 292 is an industrial strength solvent used particularly to clean equipment before maintenance. It’s a fast evaporating solvent, virtually odorless. It can be used on application such as: pulleys, cables, bearings, valves and fitting, presses, molds, chains and production tools.


Chesterton 296 is specially designed to be used instead of ozone depleting solvents such as: CFC-113 and HCFC-141b. It’s a new precision cleaning solvent. It’s best used on applications such as: switches, circuit boards, contacts, control panels, controllers, levers, panel meters and medical devices.


Chesterton 338 is a rust removal solvent. It has several uses varying from brightening copper, stainless steel, zinc and brass to removing rust from ferrous metals and corrosion from aluminum. It can be on general application such as: appliances, machine tool frames, sheet metalwork, chassis, machined parts and vehicle bodies. It can also be used for maintenance uses on threaded assemblies, shafts, nuts/bolts and cast housings.



Chesterton 346 is a metal inhibitor with a strong, acid and liquid formulated base. It can work on steam boiler tubes, water circulating equipment and condenser water systems to remove the hard water buildup and lime scale corrosion. For general use it a used to clean stained concrete, remove cement build up and etches concrete.


Chesterton 360 is designed particularly for animal fats and vegetable oils in the food industry. It’s advised to be used on environmentally sensitive areas. Applications in the food industry include: food processing equipment, wax and grease removal from vents, federally inspected meats and bottling machines. It can be used in waste water treatment on pump stations, fungi removal, floors and sludge removal. Also, it’s used for industrial purposes on concrete, gutters, machines and floors, walls and vinyl tiles.


Chesterton 801 is water based degreaser with industrial strength. It has a multi-purpose as it can used in maintenance to remove cutting oils before inspection; for marine use its used to remove any fungi or rotting from hulls and in the food industry it’s used on food processing equipment, floors/drains and ventilation.  



Chesterton 803 has a superior use in soil removal because of the advanced surfactant technology used. It’s a good quality, non-solvent degreaser. For use in paper and pulp industry it can be used to clean production equipment. For applications on food industry it’s used on concrete floors, engine blocks, railroad equipment, farm implements, masonry walls and construction equipment.


820/820N - KPC



Chesterton 613 is an extreme pressure grease, protected with Molybdenum disulfide to tackle applications ranging from 18°C to 138°C. It can be used on applications such as: Conveyors, blowers, generators, pumps, guides, slides, electric motors, fans, mining equipment and anti-friction bearings.

615 - HTG #1

Chesterton 615 is an excellent corrosion protector with high quality pressure properties. It works perfect for high speed operating equipment. It can used on applications such as: Machine tools, links, conveyors, crushers, hoists, bearings, reduction gears, milling heads, blowers, shears, electric motors, mechanical presses, torch pin rolls and couplings.


Chesterton 622 is clean, pure mineral oil food grade lubricant with brilliant quality and has a variety of uses. It can be used in applications in the food industry on fruit feeders, canning machinery, meat packaging equipment, carton filling equipment, paste and sauce fillers and bottling equipment. In general use it can used on valves, rollers, slides, pistons, conveyor belts, machinery and guides.


625 - CXF

Chesterton 625 is a corrosion protector grease with excellent, high performing pressure capabilities. It also has outstanding water washout resistance. It’s temperature limit is roughly -30°C to 204°C. 625 is designed to work on Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines, meat packaging equipment, canning machinery, bottling equipment, paste and sauce fillers and food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. 



Chesterton 629 is a PTFE fortified grease made from pure mineral oil. It’s an excellent resister to water, caustics, steam and cleaning agents. It’s designed to work on applications such as: grease lubricated chains, conveyor belts, processing and packaging machinery, anti-friction bearings, rollers, bottle and carton filling machines, canning machinery, slides and paste and sauce fillers. Dropping point over 260°C (500°F)


630 - SXCF

Chesterton 630 is a corrosion protector grease with excellent, high performing pressure capabilities. It also has outstanding water washout resistance and steam and cleaning chemicals too as it’s synthetic based. It’s temperature limit is roughly 40°C to 240°C. 630 is designed to work on applications such as: Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines, meat packaging equipment, canning machinery, bottling equipment, paste and sauce fillers and food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.


633 - SXCM

Chesterton 633 is a corrosion protector grease with excellent, high performing pressure capabilities. It also has outstanding water washout resistance and to steam and corrosive chemicals. It can remain superior high and low temperature stability as it’s synthetic based with MoS2. It’s temperature limit is roughly -50°C to 250°C. It can be used on applications such as: mining operations, coal and ore processing, metal fabrication, pulp and paper mills, transportation, construction and steel mills. It can also be used in the Industrial and Marine industry for the likes of: heavy off road machines, blowers, crushers, conveyors, bearings, grinding mills and traveling cranes.


635 - SXC

Chesterton 635 is a corrosion protector grease with excellent, high performing pressure capabilities. It also has outstanding water washout resistance and to steam and corrosive chemicals. It can remain superior high and low temperature stability as it’s synthetic based. It’s temperature limit -40°C to 240°C. It can be applied to pulp and paper mills, transportation, construction, metal fabrication, steel mills, coal and ore processing and mining operations. It can used on grinding mills, bearings, rolling mills, ovens, hot process fluid systems, crushers, shears, traveling cranes and fans for industrial and marine purposes.




Chesterton 601 is a critical lubrication caused by the penetration between the pins and the virtual clearance of chain drive bushings. It’s a good quality light oil that has been in the industry for over 30 years. It can be applied to packaging equipment, forklift trucks, chain saws, machinery, robotic equipment lubricant, conveyors, hoist chains and chain drives for assembly points.




Chesterton 610 can lubricate to a wide stretch of temperatures, varying from 25˚̊C to 270˚C because it’s a good quality synthetic fluid. It can work on applications such as: anti-friction bearings, chain conveyors, ceramic ovens, electric motors, fans, plastic film forming, oven chains, gearboxes, drying ovens, heat treating conveyors and textile tender frames. 



Chesterton 651 is an active light duty lubricated detergent, designed to clean, lubricate and extend the use of types of parts and equipment. It can be applied to the likes of amplifiers, chronometers, electric motors, bearings, levers, instrument repair shops, pneumatic equipment, linkages and hinges.


Chesterton 652 is a brilliant low viscosity product that can reduce a huge amount of maintenance costs by up to 90%. It extends the life of pneumatic equipment and also cleans and protects them too. It can be applied to the likes of: air impact wrenches, air tools, air grinders, CNC machines, robotics, air hammers, assembly line tools, cylinders, production air systems and air drills.



Chesterton 660 is a substitute for where Petroleum oils won’t work. It’s clean, clear, colourless food-grade lubricant is designed for rubber, food processing equipment and plastics. It can be applied to Food Processing equipment like: Bearing mixers, conveyors, cams, plastic gears and slides. It can also be used on other things such as: high-speed injection molding, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, rubber gasketing and sliding doors.



Chesterton 690FG is a stain proof penetrating lubricant designed for meeting food contact. It works to a very high quality, has multi purposes and is brilliant price wise. It can be applied within the food industry on paste and sauce fillers, mixers, piston and valves, fruit feeders, metering pumps, rollers and bottle, canning and carton filling machines.


Open Gear


Chesterton 715 is a surface lubricant bonding together a wear shield in order to protect any equipment that may operate under heavy loads.  It can be used on applications like: wire ropes and cables, paper making machinery, rotary feeders, hoists, chain drivers, dams and lock gates, conveyor chains, textile equipment and drag lines.



Chesterton 787 is a synthetic based lubricant performing at high and extreme pressures. After other lubricants have disappeared it leaves a solid white line without varnishing. It can be used on applications such as: metal refining, foundries, smelting, forging and petrochemical plants. For other uses it can be used on: crane cables, rack and pinion track, wire ropes, railroad switch gear and open gears.


Maintenance Specialties


Chesterton 730 is a high performing belt dressing packaged as an aerosol. It’s energy efficiency can expand the life of rubber, plastics belts, leather and canvas. 730 can be applied to package conveyors, generators, pumps, belt drives, compressors, industrial equipment, fans, indoor and outdoor applications and automotive equipment.


Chesterton 989 can work in temperatures between 60°C to 260°C when used in mold applications. It’s a concentrated silicone release agent that prevents sticking, spotting or marking. It can applied to the molding operations such as: thermosets, investment castings, sand core operations, thermoplastics, injection molding. It’s also effective on polyester, rubber, acrylic, cellulosic and polystyrene.



Chesterton 995 Release Agent is particularly designed for use in all mold applications. It can be applied to molding operations such as: injection molding, thermosets, sand core operations, thermoplastics and investment casting. It’s also suitable fir polyester, rubber, acrylic, polyurethane and cellulosic.



Chesterton 710 is an anti-seize compound lubricant in which a blend of aluminum, copper and graphite seals are all included to protect metal parts. It works at high temperatures and extreme pressures. It can be applied to Valves, refineries, mining, heat exchangers, press fit bushings, threaded assemblies, bearing fits, steel mills, marine, pump sleeves, forge presses, utilities, steel mills and chemical and petroleum.



Chesterton 725/772 is a nickel anti-seize compound that can withstand temperatures up to 1425°C when combining corrosion resistant and extreme pressures in an oil suspension. It can be applied to chemical industries, refineries, automotive, foundries and utilities. It can also be used on Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, steel, titanium and copper. 


783 - ACR

Chesterton 783 is a combination of extreme corrosion protection and water washout resistance to make a high quality industrial based anti-seize. It can be applied to mining industry, marine, chemical plants, pulp and paper, waste water, offshore oil platforms and metal fabrication. For general uses it can be used on pump sleeves, screws, splines, bolts, studs and pipe threads.



Chesterton 785 is a brand new anti-seize compound which can withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions. The anti-seize is a combination of ultrafine, inorganic solid lubricants in a non-carbonizing synthetic carrier. It can be applied to marine applications, chemical plants, power plants, automotive industry, steel mills, oil refineries and boiler rooms. For general uses it can be applied to press fits, pump sleeves, splines, bolts and pipe threads.



Penetrating Oils


Chesterton 706 is designed to put a stop to frozen nuts, fitting and bolts without any damage being caused the metal base. It’s best on applications like pipelines, plumbing, steam and gas fittings, ships, valves and pumps, machinery, railroads, tractors and drilling utilities.


723 / 723FG - SPRASOLVO®

Chesterton 723 is an aerosol based penetrating oil. It work fasts at preventing the hard to reach areas that may rust, grease or dirty. It can be applied to machinery, drilling utilities, ships, pumps, railroads, valves, auto shops, tractors, steam and gas fittings and trucks.

Thread/Flange/Valve Sealing


Chesterton 800 Goldend Tape is a dry PTFE sealant tape with high density, used particularly for metals on blots, pipes and plastics threads. It’s used on applications as dry thread sealant for liquids such as: steam, refrigerants, water, acids, solvents, fuels and alkalis. For gases it can be used on: ammonia, propane, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.


850 - Premium Sealing Tape

Chesterton 850 Premium sealing tape is a PTFE tape best used on plastics threads, bolts or pipes because of its high density and tear resistance. It can be used on applications such as: salt water air, refrigerants, steam, acids and fuels.

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