Current Diverter Ring


Current Diverter Ring

Current Diverter Ring

Shaft Grounding Solutions

The Inpro/Seal Current Diverter Ring is the latest innovation in shaft grounding solutions. With the level of energy efficiency rising, the use of Variable Frequency Drives are also increasing in industrial motor applications. Bearing failure is caused a lot by stray shaft currents induced by VFD's that discharge through the motor bearings, resulting in fluting on the bearing.

The CDR protects the bearings from stray shaft currents by using proprietary conductive filaments. To provide a full, reliable bearing protection on severe-duty applications, the Inpro/Seal Motor Grounding Seal combines the CDR with patented VBXX Bearing Isolator.

The Inpro/Seal CDR is guaranteed to reduce maintenance cost, minimise downtime and improve equipment reliability. There are several designs that the CDR can be made easier for installation, such as: press-in, clip-on, bolt through, epoxy, side-mount and flexbracket.

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