Air Mizers


Air Mizers

Air Mizers

Complete Shaft Seal

Inpro/Seal Air Mizer is a non-contacting, maintenance free shaft seal that eliminates product leakage and contamination resulting in reduced downtime, maintenance costs and environmental concerns. 

Contaminations are keot out of the vessel and preventing product fom being released into the atmosphere by using small amounts of air, inert gas or water to create a postive purge along the shaft which forms a barrier. 

The Air Mizer can comply to provide an effective shaft seal in a large variety of applications; including mixers, agitators, extruders, blenders, screw conveyors and other product handling equipment. Shaft misalignment and movement challenge traditional sealin methods in these slow speed, low pressure applications; only the Inpro/Seal Air Mizer is capable of fully articulating to accomodate shaft deflection; run out, axial displacement and misalignment. 

This design has no wearing parts and will last a lifetime of your equipment. Split designs are available for easy installation. 

Click here for an Inpro Air Mizer quote sheet. 

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